NJ 33 Freeway






TOTAL SCORE = 44.0 (out of 50)

Reviewed by: Scott Colbert
Last Traveled: 2004



The Route 33 bypass of Freehold is quite effective, now that it has been fully completed. Even with construction on Business Route 33 detouring traffic onto the freeway, it is very unlikely to encounter congestion on this highway.  It is mostly in place to keep through traffic out of the already burdened downtown area of Freehold.

Safety on the freeway is very good, since most of the highway is modern.  The only problem section at this point is the "super 2" section of the freeway from Halls Mill Road to its end with Business Route 33. It's impossible to pass in this *new* section so if you get stuck behind a dump truck or a senior citizen then prepare to wait.

Aesthetics aren't really overly great, you get to see some open farms outside of the city.  However, your view will slowly be changing into houses, since the development rate in Freehold continues to skyrocket. Some sections of the freeway however are very rural and quite pleasant.

Clarity of signing is better now that the signs have been recently replaced, but I believe that the bypass would benefit from a possible letter based exit tab system, much like on the Atlantic City Expressway Connector to Brigantine. With seven exits and most of them just barely a mile apart, it would be nice to have something other then the destination to look out for on the signs.

Pavement condition is mostly new and in fair condition, some older sections could stand to be repaved, but it's not at all bad.

Overall it is another example of a perfect rural freeway.

NJ 33 shield by Ralph Herman.

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