Interstate 195 (New Jersey)






TOTAL SCORE = 39.0 (out of 50)

Reviewed by: Scott Colbert
Last Traveled: 2004



Interstate 195 is yet another prime example of what a rural freeway should be. Most of its exits are without any congestion at all, except for the Six Flags interchange (EXIT 16) and the Turnpike interchange (EXIT 6) during the summer. Peak hours on the freeway make traveling from the I-295 interchange to the Turnpike in very close quarters. 

Safety on I-195 is quite on par with any other highway built during the 1970's and 1980's. There are no sharp curves or poorly-designed exit ramps, except for the ramp from I-195 east to Route 34 south. In addition, the lack of a proper acceleration lane to the Garden State Parkway at this location makes traffic back up quite frequently from those who feel it necessary to sit and wait for traffic to clear.

A average sized grassy median gives it less aesthetic appeal, but the freeway keeps development out of view with large wooded barriers on either side.   

Congestion usually does not occur on this freeway very often, but when it does it happens during peak hours at the Route 34 interchange (EXIT 35). This is due mainly to Route 18 being unfinished and dumping its volume onto Route 138, which leads to Route 34. The cloverleaf is then over capacity and a dangerous weaving situation occurs. 

Pavement on the highway is in adequate condition, but most is first paved, as in when the highway was first built. Some sections are newer, but overall the highway could
use an entire repaving project.

The signage on I-195 is mostly new and is quite clear, except for a few old and faded ones.  However, its eastern terminus at Route 138 has no end / begin signage, and it has an EXIT 36 when technically I-195 ends at Route 34. It should however be extended to the Parkway interchange, with "195 end / 138 begin" signs in place to alert motorists of the change.

I-195 shield by Ralph Herman.

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